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Cholesterol & Shopping 2

You don’t need to change the way you shop over the next thirty days in order to lower your cholesterol, but stopping by the farmer’s market once a week is definitely a good idea. Avoiding convenience shops and restaurants will make it that much easier to find a terrific variety of fresh heart-healthy foods that you will enjoy eating more. After all, the quality of your diet depends on the ingredients you put into your food.

The Manner In Which You Shop Can Be As Important As The Place

Taking a few simple steps can make it easier for you to choose food that will help you lower your cholesterol:

1. Shop For Food Once A Week

Plan your menu for each week ahead and select one day a week for food shopping. This will minimize the amount of time you spend thinking about food and will reduce the chances of you forgetting items or over shopping. And then over-eating.

2. Always Shop After You’ve Eaten

Shopping on an empty stomach encourages impulsive buying. Your willpower will also be a lot weaker when you are hungry, making you more likely to reach for fatty or comfort-food.

3. Choose a Time When The Shops Aren’t Too Full And The Selection Is At Its Best

At farmer’s markets and greengrocers, the selection may be better earlier on in the day. You can ask your grocery store when their deliveries of fresh products are scheduled. If you shop when stores are not crowded and selection is good, you are more likely to have the time to make good choices. And you will be able to enjoy a selection that makes healthy eating easier.

4. Stick To Your List

Plan your shopping list ahead based on your weekly menu, and stick to the list to prevent overbuying which entails over-eating. The only exception to this should be fresh fruits and vegetables you see that make a good snack. You can buy some of these if you find fresh products that you haven’t tried before or products that are one sale.

Generally though, buy only what you need each week so that you will have complete meals rather than food that can go bad or that can invite binging.

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