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Secrets For Lowering Cholesterol - Turn the Power of Advertising to your Advantage

You can turn the power of advertising to your advantage though, and lower your cholesterol over the next 30 days.

Start With Your Own Cholesterol-Lowering Action Plan:

1. Reduce the amount of food advertising you look at. Advertisers do an incredible job at making foods attractive, but many times this food is less than good for your cholesterol level. There is no reason why your heart health should suffer just because some advertisers are good at their job.

Figure out where you see advertisements for food and then avoid those ads.  Most people see a majority of food advertisements on television. If this describes you, then avoid the television for a while and you will find your cravings for high-fat food decrease. Also try to avoid radio ads and restaurant advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

2. Make "good-for-you" food more appealing. Put your low-fat dinners on nicer china. Also, eat at the table instead of at the television. You can also use brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and arrange your heart-healthy food in an attractive way on the plate, much as restaurants do. Add some music or candles to your meal. Any small and fast touches that can make your meal more appealing will make your new low-fat diet seem more like an indulgent luxury than anything else.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what restaurants do for advertising their food when you are in the restaurant. Restaurants add ambiance to try to make the meals more attractive and appealing. In so doing, customers are more likely to walk out feeling happy and satisfied with their meal.

In fact, good restaurants will often spend large amounts of their budgets on consultants who tell them what they can do to make their meals more appealing to customers. Is it any wonder that restaurant meals, even those that are high in fat and terrible for your cholesterol, are so difficult to resist? The great thing is that you can add this same sort of "advertising" to your own low-fat and heart-healthy meals.

For the next 30 days, make your low-fat and healthy meals at home more appealing in any way possible and you will be amazed at how much easier your new diet is to keep to.

3. Describe food in a way which makes it appealing to you. Advertising works by staying in your mind. Advertisers work very hard to make sure that you remember their jingles. That’s why you can often sing the slogans for popular advertisements even years after the ads are no longer shown.

You can use the same technique to make "good for you" low-fat foods seem more appealing. This is even more important since there are few ads for these foods and many of us come to associate negative images with health food. You have probably heard fresh fruit and vegetables described as rabbit food or as being "boring", "tired" or "wilted". This is not likely to make you crave them, especially since you are always hearing great adjectives, such as "delicious" and "juicy" described for high-fat food.

Try to do the same thing advertisers do. When buying food that is good for you, watch out for negative words. Use words such as “crisp” and “delicious” to describe low-fat and good-for-you food such as fresh products and lean meats.

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