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Lowering Cholesterol With Diet

One of the easiest ways for lowering cholesterol with diet is to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet is to eat different types of fruits and vegetables. When most of us think of "veggies" we can only think only of a few.

Actually, there are many types of delicious fresh products that can create spectacular meals whilst lowering your cholesterol. Consider the vegetables you may not have tried yet.

Please note that this list isn’t complete; there are many vegetables to list here. And also note that some of these vegetables may also be classified as fruit:

  Alfalfa sprouts
•  Artichoke
•  Arugula
•  Asparagus
•  Avocado
•  Beans. There are many different types of beans, from black beans, borlotti beans, broad beans, chickpeas, green beans, kidney beans, runner beans, soy beans, red beans, mung beans, navy beans, lima beans to azuki beans, and others.
•  Bean sprouts
•  Lentils
•  Peas. Again, there are many delicious kinds of peas, many of which you likely have not tried before. These may include snow peas, green peas, sugar snap peas, and other varieties.
•  Beets and beet greens
•  Bok choy
•  Breadfruit
•  Broccoli
•  Brussels sprouts
•  Cabbage. There are many types, ranging from red and green to Chinese cabbage and others.
•  Calabrese
•  Carrots
•  Cauliflower
•  Celery
•  Chard
•  Chicory
•  Collard
•  Corn
•  Celeriac
•  Daikon
•  Eggplant, also known as aubergine
•  Endive
•  Fennel. Whole fennel, not just the seeds, can be used in cooking.
•  Fiddleheads
•  Frisee
•  Garlic
•  Chives
•  Kai-lan
•  Kale
•  Kohlrabi
•  Leek
•  Lemon grass
•  Onions
•  Lettuce. If you have always eaten iceberg lettuce, you will be suprised by the range of lettuces you can find, including Bibb and many others.
•  Mushrooms. Although mushrooms are usually served next to vegetables, it is a fungus. There are many kinds of mushrooms, from the common to the exotic, and they can easily be bought fresh or dried to add flavor to any meal.
•  Mustard greens
•  Nettles
•  Okra
•  Peppers. From hot peppers like the habanero and others to sweet green, orange, yellow and red peppers, this vegetable is very good for you and very tasty!
•  Spinach
•  Radicchio
•  Rapini
•  Parsnips
•  Radishes
•  Rutabaga
•  Turnip and turnip greens
•  Skirret
•  Squashes. Also known as pumpkin or marrow depending where you live. There are many of these: butternut, acorn, pumpkins and gourds. Also be sure to try gem and spaghetti squash.
•  Zucchini. Known in Europe as Courgette.
•  Cucumber
•  Tomatoes. Ranging from hot house tomatoes to cherry and grape tomatoes, their taste, not just their size, varies.
•  Tubers
•  Potatoes. Yams, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, red potatoes, and others. This vegetable presents an almost infinite variety.
•  Water chestnuts
•  Watercress

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