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Secrets For Lowering Cholesterol

Most of us know what we have to do in order to lower our cholesterol. The truth is, most of us have been taught which foods are healthy and lower in fat and which are no good for us. However, adopting a very low-fat diet and healthier lifestyle can often be challenging, especially if we have followed problematic eating and life patterns for some time. Although we might know which foods we should be turning to and which lifestyle changes we need to make, we don’t always do what is best.

If you are finding excuses or having a difficult time sticking to the diet plan your doctor or nutritionist has drawn up for you, consider these two secrets which can help in making your lowering of cholesterol over the next 30 days a lot less painful:

Secret #1: Advertising Can Help You Lower Your Cholesterol

This may sound crazy, but advertising can help you lower your cholesterol. This is because advertising is likely already a big part of your higher cholesterol. Think a bit: why do you eat this way? Surely, at least part of the reason has to do with an acquired behaviour. You learned to like certain foods as a child, but you have also learned to associate certain foods with certain ideas and ideals - and this has likely been the doing of advertisers.

Do you associate champagne and truffles with sophisticated dinner parties? Chips and beer with a cool night out? Lattes with friends at work? Advertisers do spend millions and even billions of dollars on getting you to eat their food - even when those foods are actually processed and contributing directly to higher cholesterol.

When you think of a hamburger, you most likely picture the hamburger you see in advertisements - a large, juicy burger with all the toppings. When you think of a salad, you may not always get the same strong images in your head. This is because salads and vegetables are advertised a lot less. If you think of the last ten food advertisements you have seen, the odds are they were for unhealthy processed foods.

Traditionally, unhealthy foods need advertising, because they are not really needed. Today, though, there is a huge market for convenience and "junk" food. When you visit your local grocery store, you can compare the amount of shelf space given to convenience food, junk food, sugary food, and soda to the amount of space given to the fresh products section.

In too many grocery stores, the amount of space that fresh products and grains take is far less than the amount of space devoted to less heart-healthy foods. This isn’t a mistake. If you take a look at those foods which are high in fat and cholesterol, the odds are, they come in brightly designed packages and grab the eye. Often too, they are placed at eye level. In so doing, advertisers are trying to make their products more appealing. Is it any wonder that it is hard to walk by the foods you know are less than healthy for you and not feel attracted?

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