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Lowering Cholesterol Diet - Fresh Fruit:

•  Apples. There is an almost infinite variety, some are quite rare. Try these:
  Akane, Arlet, Blushing Golden, Braeburn, Centennial Crab, Chieftain, Cortland, Empire, Empress, Fuji, Gala, Honey Crisp, Jonagold, Kandil Sinap, Liberty, Mantet, Mcintosh, Mutsu,
•  Northern Spy, Patricia, Red Astrachan, Red Secor, Russet, Starr, Virginia Gold, Yataka, Yellow Transparent, Wilson Juicy, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and others available at your grocery store and farmer’s market.
•  Apricots
•  Bananas. Fruit Bananas, Apple Bananas, Baby Bananas, Baking Bananas, Red bananas, and others.
•  Berries. Besides the usual strawberries and raspberries, there are dewberries, boysenberries,  loganberries, cloudberries, wineberries, bearberries, bilberries, blueberries, cranberries, huckleberries, lingonberries, barberries, currants, elderberries, gooseberries, nannyberries, sea grapes, crowberries, and others.
•  Cherries, including sour cherries, Monmorency cherries, and sweet cherries such as Black Russians, Chinooks, Lapins, Hedelfingers, and others.
•  Clementines
•  Dates
•  Figs
•  Grapefruits
•  Grapes. Many varieties exist, ranging from pale greens to very deep purples.
•  Guava
•  Kiwis
•  Kumquats
•  Lemons and Limes
•  Lychee fruits
•  Mangos
•  Melons: Red water, Canary, Canteloupe, Cassava, Honeydew, Watermelon, and others.
•  Nectarines
•  Oranges
•  Papayas
•  Passion Fruits
•  Peaches (including Encore, Reliance, Red Haven, and Sensation Dwarf Peach, among others)
•  Pears (including Asian pears, Beirschmidt, Bartlett, and others)
•  Persimmons
•  Pineapples
•  Plums (including Mt. Royal Plum, Opal, Stanley Prune-Plum, Unize Plum, Dietz, Empress Prune-Plum, Starking Delicious Plum, and many others)
•  Pomegranates
•  Pommelo
•  Rhubarb
•  Star Fruit
•  Sweety
•  Quinces
•  Tangerines
•  Tangelos
•  Ugli Fruits

There might be some fruits and vegetables which you have not yet tried. The fact is that most of us have tried only a small fraction of the fruits and vegetables that are actually available.

When we say that we "don’t like" fruit and vegetables or when we say that we “grow tired” of them, what we might really be saying is that we do not have enough variety in our diet. Or not have enough variety in our diet.

Look back over this list of fruits and vegetables. Treat it as a checklist of the food adventures you could have with food.

Which foods sound exotic or interesting to you?

Take a chance today and pick up some fresh fruits or vegetables that you haven’t tried before.

Your taste buds and moreover, your cholesterol level will thank you for it.

Realize that these lists of fruits and vegetables isn't complete. It is only a way to get you started in discovering new fruits and vegetables.

Make it a mission for yourself to find new and exciting fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy fresh to lower your cholesterol.

The secret to eating low-fat and enjoying it is to make eating the right foods attractive. When you have many types of healthy and delicious foods to choose from, you will naturally want to choose foods that are good for you and for your heart.

By introducing a big variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into your lower cholesterol diet is a sure way to achieve this...

  Over the next 30 days, use the above list.

  Print it out and circle all the fruits and vegetables that you have not yet tried.

  Make it a mission for yourself to buy fresh fruits and vegetables that you have not yet tried.

  Every week, try to find a variety of fresh fruit or vegetables that you have not yet tried and then try them.

  Read about new varieties of fruits and vegetables and try them too.

  This will add some variety to your diet and make it much easier for you to eat plenty of the food you need to in order to lower your cholesterol and remain healthy.

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